A Breakthrough Story

I caught up with Augusta Massey, a participant of my recent Tell Your Story Coaching Intensive to hear how she has been able to use her newly found insights in her professional and personal life.


Describe the Tell Your Story Coaching Intensive in three words?

Emancipating. Thoughtful. Focused.


What was your biggest challenge before participating in the program?

My biggest challenge was accepting that I needed professional help to rescue me from the quagmire I was in. Every successful athlete, speaker, etc. has a coach. It took a while for me to accept my limitation. 


At what point during the program did you have an aha moment?

I had several aha moments throughout the program, but my favorite was week one when we had to create a 360-life plan. Boy, was that liberating! It put me back in the driver seat of my life and changed my whole perspective. The class made me see how everything in my life was connected and useful! Everything is by design. I love vision boards and it was like making a vision board on steroids. Being back in the driver seat, I could "reverse" and see how my family heritage and power networks all contributed to who I am today. I could then get into "drive" mode and propel my dreams forward, armed with the knowledge of my ancestral lineage. Life always leaves clues and this class helped me see what was right underneath my nose all along. With my hands firmly back on the "steering wheel" of my life, things just became so crystal clear and I knew instinctively what I needed to do next. 


How have you been able to put the program to use?

Since the program, I have tweaked my LinkedIn page and put myself out there under my new, re-branded and improved professional identity. I have started working internationally, I have been certified by the Better Business Bureau, I have launched an online course to help new start-ups and business owners called "The Legal Advantage" which you can find at www.theaugustamassey.com  and I just got back from an international speaking engagement!


How did you professionally identify yourself before the Intensive and how do you identify yourself now?

Before the program, I was lost to be honest. I wasn't sure what my identity was. I am an award-winning lawyer turned into a Judge Pro-Temp, living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I also wanted to be a speaker but was not sure how to pursue that in addition to everything else I was doing. I had a vision to work with government leaders on sustainable government policies and did I mention I was a mother of two small children. I was finding it hard to juggle it all and pivot and combine all my passions. After the Intensive, I saw how all my skills and talents and multi-potential qualities made me a unique thought leader on succession planning and legacy building. I have been able to transfer these skills to help small businesses and countries alike. 


What is the biggest insight you discovered about your story/brand during the program?

Using one of the several powerful techniques I learned in the Intensive, I have been able to clarify or illuminate the qualities that make me a thought leader, speaker and author. One of such qualities is my core value of legacy; through the coaching intensive I was able to grasp how transferable this core value is to my speaking, consulting and coaching businesses. This singular insight helped me to reposition my brand as succession planning expert for business entities both locally in the United States and internationally.