Why You Should Attend Tell Your Story: Storytelling for Funding and Job Opportunities

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As we gear up for the Maryland edition of Tell Your Story, I am excited for yet another opportunity to reach and manifest our dreams using the power of our own story.

On April 21st in Downtown Silver Spring, together, we’re leaving mediocrity behind and embracing what really matters - our passion, our voice and our dreams – our stories.

I want you to join us because for many members of our community, be it in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco or Washington DC, Tell Your Story is a defining moment. It is the moment when many struggling with the courage to articulate their truth find the power to do so. It is where they finally grasp the idea that their story is their greatest asset. They finally understand that their story is not their past-to-date but instead it’s their proximity to their dreams, and that true storytelling is an act of co-creation and an opportunity to bring one’s aspirations within reach.

Join us at this 2-hours workshop to:

1.     Get CLARITY for your next professional or business move,

2.     Learn to ARTICULATE your brand and a cohesive story based on your core strengths,

3.      Discover how to MONETIZE your talents and an expand your sphere of influence, impact, and income!

Here’s what a previous Tell Your Story participant had to say: 

"Gbenga's presentation of the Tell Your Story event was inspiring, engaging and highly instructional. I was impressed by Gbenga's unique ability to selflessly share his own journey with others and encourage the audience to delve into our own vulnerability and challenge our own thought processes in pursuit of own professional identity and brand. His presentation was clearly organized with specific concepts, including those of influential storytelling, testimonials, and reflective of a leader with distinguished credibility in his field. In short, Gbenga inspires audiences to tap into their cores and empowers them with tools to act to transform their professional aspirations into a lived reality!!"

Stella-Monica, World Bank

Early bird tickets are now available. Register HERE.