coaching Curriculum


DAY 1 - Life Plan – Creating a 360 Vision for Your Brand

A panoramic 360 perspective of your life is the cornerstone for creating a personal brand. Many people are quick to skip this fundamental step and head straight to the design and monetization phase. This module is designed to prevent that from happening. It begins with a comprehensive review of the various components of your current brand, touching on 10 key life aspects including career and business, community and international impact, health and wellness, and family and relationships, among many others. We will identify areas that need growth and improvement and establish a plan for synthesizing these aspects into a cohesive brand strategy.

Takeaway from class :

  • 1 to 10 life plan - a comprehensive review and blueprint for your personal brand in all 10 key life aspects.

  • Tools for brand monetization - identify multiple streams of impact, influence, and income.

DAY 2 - Professional Identity and Thought Leadership

This module further explores the simple yet counter-intuitive premise that we are not what we do, but what we do is an expression of who we are. Participants will be empowered to give themselves the permission to be a thought or industry leader in their chosen core field as determined by their life story and subsequent aspirational life plan. Participants will go through a step-by-step process of building their personal brands as an industry leader and articulate their thought leadership across nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

Takeaway from class :

  • Strategized transition from skilled professional to status of thought leader in one's chosen industry.

  • Customized makeovers of brand collaterals such as biography, resume, LinkedIn profiles, and website.

DAY 3 -The Business of Storytelling

Storytelling is not just about the past. Whether your goal is to secure a publishing deal, raise capital for your business, or launch a consulting practice, your story can be the conduit to your highest aspirations. Participants will explore influential personal, professional, and organizational storytelling techniques and learn how to activate their network for targeted opportunities. This class explores three imperative components to the business of storytelling – clarity, articulation, and monetization. We will also cover owning and shaping your narrative and how to tell an organizational story that activates a community of supporters, investors, and clients for your business and/or cause.

Takeaway from class :

  • A compelling storytelling template and pitch for a personal brand and/or business.

  • Tools to effectively harness and convert one's narrative into a business or a cause.

DAY 4 - Personal Brand Monetization

Even when already accomplished, many leaders in transition or multi-talented individuals struggle to be the architects of their personal brands. A personal brand makes it possible to mesh one’s many talents and accomplishments into a singular and cohesive expression. Your talents and expertise then become portfolios and products, and your personal brand is open for business. Given the burden to be a force for good, many individuals often come up short in establishing and demanding a value for their expertise in the marketplace. Participants will uncover how to distill their vast professional experience into products and services and open their personal brands for business.

Takeaway from class:

  • Identify a portfolio of products, services, and opportunities for your personal brand.

  • Establish a strategy for accessing funding resources to launch your personal brand.

DAY 5 - Personal Brand Distribution

Now that you have envisioned your brand as a business, this final module explores the art and science of building and activating a tribe. The tribe is your existing online and offline network just waiting to be tapped for targeted opportunities for funding, partnership, sponsorship, or investment. Participants will learn how to market and distribute their brand products on various platforms, obtain funding from impact investors, foundations, and corporations, and eventually establish their own power network.

Takeaway from class:

  • Open personal brand for business and establish a client and/or donor base for business and/or cause.

  • Results-oriented sales, engagement, and partnership scripts for pitching a business and/or cause.