ACCELERATE  5-DAY COACHING is designed to position you towards the path of thought leadership in your chosen industry. This 5-day program covers five action and change-oriented modules on life, career, and business leadership strategy. Unlike other accelerators, you get to influence the content of this program. 

ACCELERATE 5-DAY COACHING starts with a 1:1 foundation session for you to highlight your priorities and make the program work uniquely for you. 



  • Life Planning: Creating a 360 Vision for Your life
  • Professional Identity: Biography, Pitch Deck, and Resume Makeover
  • The Business of Storytelling: Compelling Narratives for Personal, Professional, and Business Growth
  • Personal Brand Monetization: Identify Your Brand Portfolio
  • Personal Brand Distribution: Activate Your Tribe for Jobs, Funding, and Business Deals



  • Business leaders at all levels – entry, mid and senior professionals
  • Career professionals in transition
  • For-profit, nonprofit, and social entrepreneurs  
  • Anyone trying to accelerate their career journey and find purpose in their work  



  • 1:1 foundation consultation session
  • Biography, CV and LinkedIn profile review and customized feedback during program
  • Email exchange during program
  • Open office hours every day of program
  • Accountability and thought partner
  • Program recording after each session


Format: Online and video/telephone conference call
Duration: 90-Minutes per module
Register: HERE